Dental work can be expensive! There is no way around it. And in most cases insurance in the U.S. covers only a small fraction of the costs. However, at our office one of the greatest advantages is that we have much more affordable prices without cutting on high quality materials and care. By visiting Cosmetic Dental Care and Implant Center in Costa Rica you can save up to 50 and even 80% on treatments compared to what you would pay in the U.S., Canada and other countries.

So, in dollar amounts how much are we talking about? Well, here is a list of the average savings you would benefit from at Cosmetic Dental Care and Implant Center:

Get in touch with us and get a quote, our specialists will work to customize your procedure and get you the savings and attention only Cosmetic Dental Care and Implant Center can give you! Ask about financing options as well!


Find out about Advance Care, a patient financing solutions provider that can help you pay for your treatment in an affordable way! Apply today to get your loan and get closer to that smile you have always wanted. Visit to learn more or ask our Patient Coordinator.